Locus Map - multifunctional outdoor navigation app


Outdoor map and GPS application Locus Map is actively used by approximately 500 000 people around the World and as such presents itself as a subject with a great marketing potential. We are willing to utilize this power and offer cooperation to our business partners in following areas:

Banner ad in Locus Map Free

Free version of Locus Map contains advertisement area for banner ads. The space is situated on the top edge of map screen both in portrait and landscape mode. The area is managed by the AdMob advertising platform and thanks to its mediation feature we provide the area for our partners’ campaigns.

Locus recommends – listing in LoMaps POI database

LoMaps are Locus-dedicated vector maps of the whole World based on redesigned OpenStreetMaps data. They are available in packets that can be downloaded from Locus Store, a part of Locus Map application. LoMaps contain a rich database of points of interest reaching from accommodation facilities to ATMs or petrol stations.

We are planning to add a specific layer of quality certified accommodation facilities of our partners that will be visible by default to attract attention of Locus Map users. Each point of interest of this “Locus recommends” layer will contain additional information about the facility, necessary contacts and URL. The layer will be available as soon as we built its base of at least a few hundred points.

Custom mobile application

Modular architecture of Locus Map application allows us to customize it for special purposes of our partners. We offer a wide portfolio of navigation, map, tracking or database features,  including re-branding and graphic appearance. Our partner can obtain an autonomous application built according to his requirements, stored and offered on Google Play Store. As a reference application, check Map4trip created for a regional travel company in the Czech republic:

Terms of remuneration

For all means of advertising we intend to require reciprocal advertisement or otherwise promoting actions. Each individual offer will come out of mutual agreement on the cooperation with a partner. Financial remuneration, funding or repayment is not possible. In case of your interest please do not hesitate to contact us.

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